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What Soft Skills do Employers Look For in Candidates?

April 4, 2019by Blair Dane0

Soft skills are important, and the more you demonstrate them, the more career opportunities will flow your way. A resume chock-full of excellent qualifications and professional experience will always get you points. Today’s recruiting managers, on the other hand, are ready to take a shot at unproven candidates who have the potential, motivation, and work ethic to thrive. Here are the soft skills you will require to impress them.


Having a professional CV is only one step in the process. Maintaining eye contact, responding to questions properly, being open to receiving feedback, and not being hesitant to be yourself are all examples of good communication. Take advantage of any opportunity to demonstrate to an employer that you can learn and listen.

Willingness to learn new things

Rather than waiting for someone more experienced, who may never appear, many hiring managers want employees who can learn on the job. Determine which parts of the role interest you, conduct self-study, and inquire about opportunities for training and development. Your desire for ongoing training will shine through.


Being a member of a team entails working together to achieve common goals. Respond immediately to communications, cooperate willingly, and request regular catch-up meetings with your supervisor. Remember that remote workers are just as important to team success as their office-based counterparts. Staying engaged with co-workers and projects should be part of your professionalism if you are working from home.


Change is unavoidable in an uncertain world. Candidates that is receptive to internal mobility – moving horizontally inside an organization to study a fresh discipline and develop their skills — have more opportunities for progress. Set your hand up for training and see your career options increase.


Emotional intelligence (EQ)

According to research, your EQ levels can have a significant impact on how you deal with stress and challenging situations. Individual job happiness and a more pleasant company culture are enhanced through self-awareness, support, and empathy. Take pride in being a member of the solution, not so much the problem.



Because of the increase in remote and hybrid working arrangements, applicants will need to demonstrate their ability to manage their time and responsibilities efficiently when working from home. Employers will provide helpful technology, but you’ll leave a stronger impression if you actively self-learn about business trends and carefully plan your day to deliver on schedule.



Being able to detect problems and create solutions will make you a valuable member of any organization, regardless of your role. Train yourself to be a better problem solver in five simple steps: observe what’s going on, assess the difficulties, make a list of possible solutions, discuss with your team, and eventually, act.



Good leaders are created rather than born. The capacity to motivate and encourage those around you, maintain morale when things go tough, demonstrate perseverance and flexibility to change, and admit mistakes – all of these talents can put you on the fast road to the desired leadership post.

So, these are some of the soft skills that employers appreciate in a candidate and improve your chances of being selected.

Blair Dane

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